A New Chapter Begins: Join Your Community on Telegram!

Dear TLBD Community,

We are excited to announce that our vibrant and engaging WhatsApp Community has officially moved to Telegram!

This move marks a new chapter in our Community’s global growth aspirations and provides us with a platform where we look forward to sharing skills, knowledge, job vacancies, job interview assistance and professional knowledge transfer with our fellow Black humans from the Americas, Africa and the Caribbean as we are one, and can only rise together as one.

Enough of complaining that other Races don’t help us as there’s no better than self-help and no better respect than self-respect!

On Telegram, once you’ve configured your privacy settings, no one will be able to view your phone number or contact details (unlike WhatsApp), and you will have access to historical professional content from our closed WhatsApp Community as soon as the data migration project from the old WhatsApp community is concluded.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Ladder Back Down(R) on Telegram where our primary goal is to help one another to thrive professionally as other Races do – free of charge.


As soon as you join Telegram, don’t forget to configure your privacy settings and, once you join The Ladder Back Down(R) Telegram Community, immediately switch to the ‘Topics’ view to see the various professional Community Sub-Focus groups/Topics you can read from or contribute to.

We look forward to seeing you on Telegram and do share the link with friends, colleagues and family members, age 18 and above, so we can impact Black nations and generations!

Finally, remember, you are valuable, valued and valid as a Human!

Please don’t forget to follow The Ladder Back Down on LinkedIn for updates on future workshops; and subscribe to us on YouTube to be notified when we upload workshop videos  – and you’re welcome to connect with me as an individual on LinkedIn too @ Ibukun on LinkedIn.  Finally, if you haven’t joined the Ladder Back Down on our WhatsApp platform to share knowledge and learn – please ask about this during a break on our next workshop!

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