Introduction to Forex Trading from your Bedroom (Apr. 6th/13th)

Saturday, Jul 13, 2024

7:00pm – 11:30pm

Have you ever wanted to learn to trade the Forex Markets as a Retail Trader from the comfort of your home? Have you felt it’s too risky to trade? You are correct in your thinking that acquiring sound knowledge and keeping your knowledge up to date is hard work, and therefore not for those who want to make a quick buck!

Trading the financial markets is what professional traders go into investment environments on a daily basis to do i.e. they trade your bank savings, mortgages, pensions etc. to make a profit for employers; and you can learn to make a steady stream of income for yourself, whilst studying or seeking a job in your desired industry.

The Ladder Back Down is pleased to offer FREE training to those interested in learning about FX-as-a Business.

  1. Introduction to FX -Commodities, Futures, Bitcoin and Indexes Trading
  • Let’s Practice to Trade
  1. The Retail Forex Trader
  • Let’s Practice to Trade
  1. Running a Forex Sole Trader Business
  • Let’s Practice to Trade

Workshop Instructor:

Ibukun Emmanuel-Adebayo


  • The Ladder Back Down is NOT a Forex Broker or Dealer. The workshop content will NOT contain any recommendations or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell securities to purchase any financial instruments.
  • The Ladder Back Down will not provide  trading signals or instruction to buy or sell specific or speculative instruments during or after the workshop.

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