Overcoming Challenges with Battle-Tattoos

Tuesday, Jul 27, 2021

10:00am – 1:00pm

Have the tests & setbacks of life turned you into a shell of your old self or have you developed battle tattoos of resilience, confidence? Have you experienced home-based or work-based stresses where you’ve been told ‘you’re not good enough’ or been bullied all your life and assumed you’re not good enough? Have you experienced a loss during COVID and feel you’ll never recover?

During this workshop, we’ll discuss techniques one can use to transition from a battle-scarred and weary human to a battle-tattooed confident person, turning those trials into triumphs. Resilience is only developed from overcoming tests, challenges, and setbacks i.e. tests most humans will face at least once during our lifetime .

Let’s have a good chat!

  • Tests, Challenges – A Definition?
  • Examples of humans with a perfect life? (Discussion)
  • The purpose of Setbacks and Tests
  • Turning a Setback into a ‘Get Set’
  • Retaining your Confidence through a Setback
  • Rebounding from a Setback or Loss
  • Turning those Battle Scars into Battle-Tattoos

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