Leadership Lessons Series - Letter "C"

“Courage and Compassion” are often considered to be antonyms to great leadership

Courage? To lead those who look up to us without fear, willing to stand in the gap to protect those we lead from danger, including at the risk of personal detriment.

Compassion? To treat those we lead with the same empathy we would like to be treated with if the leadership boot were to be on the other foot.

Courage and Compassion are traits often described as antonyms (opposites) to each other, whereas both traits do co-exist in brilliant leaders, who often adopt the situational leadership style at work and home – knowing when to direct and when to support those looking up to one as a leader.

Courageous and Compassionate leaders remember where they’re coming from and lead with the same courage and empathy they desired from their past leaders, including on the first day they set foot into a school, workplace, new country or any new unfamiliar setting.

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