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If you’re a global black ethics driven President, CEO, Director, CIO, CISO, CMO, CRO, CFO, Founder, C-Suite #Executive or a Board Trustee, Governor or #blackleader in a role of influence, kindly email me at iadebayo@ladderbackdown.com to send you a link to of our FREE Telegram-hosted “The Ladder Back Down #executive2executiveleadership Forum”.

The group has been established to discuss #globalcompliance, #riskmanagement, #corporategovernance, #globalfinancialregulations, #emotionalintelligence, #strategyandtransformation – and all things relating to #ethicalleadership-by-example that could enable us to serve as #rolemodels to #blackyouth and aspiring black leaders globally – and to mentor and support the next generation of exemplary black #leaders and humans.

We must stand up and be counted, to alleviate the black Race, in particular our black youth, of discrimination, poverty, joblessness in addition to self-hatred and harm as it takes a team of leaders, indeed, to raise a leader.

“We’re only truly raised when we successfully raise others” @Ibk2020


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