Farewell 2020

As this unprecedented year draws to a close, here are a few key lessons:

  • We humans are far more resilient than we think. It takes a special kind of character to go through the challenges of being locked down, not being at our loved ones’ bedside during an illness that rendered many of us unable to say goodbye to our parents, brothers, sisters or even children (it was indeed a brutal year).
  • Humans don’t need ‘designer’ clothes or shoes to survive as many such items – if not most – have not seen the light of day since March. A ‘want’ maybe – but never a true ‘need’.
  • Kindness should never be relegated into a single calendar day each day. Being kind to family, friends, colleagues and strangers should never be too hard for us.
  • Humans can’t drive two cars at the same time – so let’s always spare a thought for those who can’t afford a pair of shoes to walk, a bicycle, or a single car – never mind two.
  • As humans get older, we can get by with one to two meals a day – let’s not despise the human being begging on the street – stop and offer them the means to buy a meal.
  • Don’t despise little beginnings – start from where you’re at now as, even if you fail, you’d still have succeeded in trying!

Ultimately, kindness costs nothing and – if we can’t afford anything else to give away to our fellow humans – we can always afford to be kind.

Welcome into 2021 and may this be the best year of your life!

#bekind #staysafe #keepwearingamask and #betterdayslieahead

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