About The Ladder Back Down

Committed to corporate social responsibility and succession planning, Ibukun Emmanuel-Adebayo and Emmanuel-Adebayo have extensive experience of developing existing and future leaders in our respective areas of skills and experience.

We are keen to mentor humans, particularly those from the BAME community in a bid to inspire more of us to achieve our full potential in our communities and society. Our primary aim is to develop future professionals and leaders by providing FREE Leadership, IT, Cybersecurity and Emotional Intelligence Workshops to humans, regardless of religion, creed or gender who value ethics and integrity in the workplace.

Both partners hold leadership and development experience spanning over 20 years’ of C-level and board level operational and strategic cybersecurity, IT systems and leadership consultancy in the UK and in West Africa.

Nations cannot keep speaking ‘talent shortage’ when there is a multitude of intelligent and willing BAME humans who simply require an equal chance of scaling up that ladder of opportunity.

The Ladder Back Down has been formed to help you scale up that ladder!

All our Workshops are delivered FREE OF CHARGE, and we have not and will not apply for Government Furlough Loans or bank loans to deliver our workshops.